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We’re passionate about the internet…no really!

About Design Fusions

We are a web design & development agency that specialise in design‚ internet marketing and branding. We are perfectionists and all our clients realise the benefits of using an agency that not only has bags of talent‚ but also understand their needs and share their enthusiasm.

As a growing creative agency based in the leafy suburbia of Hampshires picturesque south coast. At Design Fusions we aspire to create not only beautiful and functional websites but also deliver our clients truly transformational online results every time.

From our beginnings as the in house design studio for a burgeoning umbrella of software and web 2.0 start ups, Design Fusions has now progressed into a fully fledged digital workshop catering for SME online solutions in and beyond the Hampshire area.

Our team is from a variety of disciplines, industries and backgrounds. From graphic design, web development, marketing and business. We are personable, capable, talented and most importantly passionate about the web. And what its endless possibility and innovation should mean to our clients and their business.

Mark Kennard‚ Digital Design Manager “Welcome to Design Fusions, come and Meet the team...”

Football‚ Squash‚ Dating‚ Animation‚ Drums‚ Digital Art‚ Live Bands‚

QOTSA‚ The Black Keys‚ SoundGarden‚ Freddie King‚ AudioSlave‚ Ray Lamontagne‚ Tone Loc‚ Bill Withers‚ Prodigy‚ Red Hot Chilli Peppers‚ Led Zeppelin‚ Laura Marling‚ Jimi Hendrix and Radiohead.

Claire Thorburn‚ Web Designer “Come on in, maybe get a quote?

Live Music‚ Anything Apple‚ Films‚ Social Media‚ Design.

Elbow‚ Starsailor‚ Coldplay‚ Kings of Leon‚ Semi Precious Weapons‚ The Vaccines‚ Queen‚ Lady Gaga‚ Young the Giant‚ Two Door Cinema Club and Frank Turner.

David Cooper‚ Web Developer “One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code.”

Motorsport‚ Technology‚ Gadgets‚ Travel‚ Film‚ Social Media.

Rise Against‚ MUSE‚ Alexisonfire‚ Bowling For Soup‚ The Offspring and Killswitch Engage.

Extended Family

We are fortunate to share an office positively brimming with talented individuals. And when our work load grows so does our team to ensure we have the best hands on deck at all times.

“Hi there, enjoy your stay!”

“Welcome to Design Fusions!”

“Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen..”

“This week i'll be mostly travelling across europe!”