Cheers for the Beer!!

The Lyberry is a recently opened bar in Portsmouth. They wanted a site that would reflect the new modern bar with VIP areas.   New food menus, new cocktail menu and tons of offers each week. Not to forget all the sport they show. They wanted it to connect with their facebook page, so we integrated the facebook feeds into the site and having the latest feed show on the home page. This way they not only update their facebook, but also the site at the same time.   I'm hoping we get a few free drinks when we visit the bar. The food looks good and at very reasonable prices.

Secret Office Santa!!

Everyone loves a Secret Santa!?! We were all given a £10 limit to buy someone in the office a little bit of Christmas joy. Some of the presents were wrapped in a way that it was a bit easy to tell what it was, but most of us didn’t have a clue. Like all Secret Office Santa’s, rumours were spread and lies were told to put people of the scent. I, being a little bit more mature, sophisticated and a few months older than a few of my work colleagues got a lovely bunch of pamphlets to do with age related products, grandpa slippers, a dated pill box, reading glasses, hot water bottle and a rather trendy reversible gilet, I think from the smell, from a deceased previous owner. Other gifts included a flying whooping monkey, a rubber fist, a bat, with wine, oversized computer mouse and…

PC v Mac

  It’s a debate that’s been going on for over quarter of a century now. I’m a hardcore PC user, but I did have to use a Mac Pro for 10 months at work. I whinged for a while , especially the different shortcut keys, that threw me for a while, especially in Photoshop. I got used to it and it looked prettier, shiny shiny, but had trouble connecting to the network every morning. Trying to download software was a nightmare if it wasn’t Mac compatible. It had all the bells and whistles, and all the interfaces were pretty. Now I’m back on the PC, I really don’t miss the Mac. I would say for the same processor, ram,  speed etc nowadays they’re pretty much on an even par. Sure you can buy cheaper PC’s that do the job fine, but you don’t get the bells and whistles or…

End of Movember

  It’s the end of Movember and most of us have managed to grow some wisp of hair on our top lip, some better than others. We managed to raise over £600 online for this good cause and we’ve still got more money coming in. There are a few different styles and various colours, but at least everyone made an effort and raised some Dough for the Mo. You can check out a lot more photos from the last day of Movember on our Facebook  Many, many thanks to all those family and friends that have supported our cause and definitely the patience our partners have had to endure with a month of fuzz.

is IE6 Dead!?!

God I hope so. As a designer and front end developer, I’ve wasted timeless hours and money making sure websites were compatible for IE6, now I couldn’t care less, or should I? I was recently at heart & Sole 2 in Gunwharf, Portsmouth where Microsoft man Martin Beeby was there giving a great talk, actually apologising for IE6 and making his vocation in life to rid the world of IE6. I’m jumping on his band wagon along with many sites and forums who really think it’s time for the world to finally say goodbye to this antique of a browser. It’s 10 years old!! In technology terms it might as well have been built in the 18th century. The world is getting closer to ridding us of this browser menace. We’ve seen a staggering drop from 2010 15.9% to now, Dec 2011 only 8.3% of the…

Heart & Sole 2

Design Fusions attended Heart & Sole 2 at Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf in Portsmouth last night and it was great. There were quite a few speakers, they had split the design and development on to different floors. I stayed down on the development floor and got to see some interesting people. Syd Lawrence gave us an insight into hacking the web bit by bit and an interesting slide show to go with his talk on API's. Seb Lee-Delise gave a fantastic demonstration on creating particles without the use of flash or an animation package. He was under pressure but got it done, showing a pre season winter wonderland of snowy particles. One of the highlights of the evening for me. Bruce Lawson gave a fantastic talk and slide show on how to destroy the web, he managed…

Make Sure with ClickSure

ClickSure is an affiliate site that allows sellers to sell their products and affiliates to promote the products. Design Fusion assisted ClickSure  with their new design and slicing. ClickSure needed this project created in a very short amount of time, with which Design Fusions were able to help out even on a very tight deadline. ClickSure offers affiliates the chance to promote hundreds of top products knowing that they will be paid top commissions for each and every sale and also offers sellers the most up-to-date platform for selling digital goods online.

Top Lip Hair Growth Month

We like to do as much as possible for charity over the year here are JDi. This month we’re supporting a very good cause, ‘Movember’ in aid of programmes like Prostate Cancer, Cancer, Awareness and Education and Global Action Plan. A large number of us will be chucking away our razor blades, trimmers, wax and sugaring equipment and letting the furry fuzz on our faces grow for the month of November. We all pick a style of moustache to grow, but for some of us, just growing some hair on our top lip will be an achievement. Bit disappointed at the amount of ladies in the office willing to join in, it’s only for a month, how furry can they get!?! It’s all in a good cause, the aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate…

Sagar Smart Homes

A new site finished. Sagar Smart Homes – Richard Sagar is a man on a mission to make great looking homes even better with automated systems. This would include, lighting, heating security, audio, visual and lots more. Richard’s previous site was ok, but as his company was growing and he was starting to mingle with some great people, the site needed a complete revamp and give it a more modern, fresh and professional look. Using a lot more use of the lifestyle images, we’ve shown these across the site to show what fantastic work Richard does on some amazing properties. Check out the projects page for some of the projects Richard has worked on. We really enjoyed working on this project and can’t wait to see the future projects from

Grade 1 all over

We’ve got a new site for our portfolio. A Hair & Beauty studio in Portsmouth wanted a face-lift (no pun intended) for their site to give it a more professional look and feel. Their old site was ok, but didn’t quite capture the finesse of the studio inside. The site needed to add offers for viewers and discounts for web users. You can view all the prices on the site for the many packages Hi-Lites Hair has to offer. The site has a lot more information and some great lifestyle imagery through the site. We’re really happy with it and so is Alison. So if you fancy a quick trim or even an Indian Head Massage, make sure you download the online voucher to get your 25% discount from